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The whole team did an amazing job removing my tree. The quote was competitive and they cleaned up afterwards!

Tina Amore

Land Clearing in Brisbane

Is nature taking back your yard one bush at a time? If you could practically go on safari in your own back yard, it might be time to get some serious work done. But, it’s a big job. And if you had enough time to keep it neat and tidy, it wouldn’t be overgrown at the moment.

Don’t feel bad. We work hard in the land down under. We deserve to relax with a beer when we get home, and we deserve to have Saturdays and Sundays free for leisure activities. And there is no way that clearing land or tree removal or leisure activities.

Why not keep your Saturdays for yourself and let Brisbane Tree Removal Services have a go?


Why Call in a Professional?

Let’s say that the work is not a problem for you. You don’t mind mucking in and getting your hands dirty. That’s good, but consider getting us to give you a hand when:

  • There is a lot of work to do: We can get it done in a fraction of the time it would take you, especially if you can only work on it during your downtime.
  • You have large trees to take out: The removal of large trees can be very dangerous. One cut in the wrong place, and it will come crashing down, causing a lot of damage. Most people don’t have the necessary equipment to handle this safely.
  • You want the stumps removed: This is a mammoth task. Those old tree roots go deep into the ground and form very extensive root networks. And, leaving the stump in is not advisable. The tree might start growing again, or insects may infest the stump.
  • We have the right tools: This is our business, so we have everything, from the right safety equipment to the excavator and chipper. These are cool toys and are really fun to see in action. (Unfortunately, we cannot let you have a turn, though.)
  • We can expertly assess the situation: We know how to get things done as safely, thoroughly and as quickly as possible.


Most Importantly

In Oz, we love the Eucalyptus tree. They are beautiful and have great medicinal properties. They are not, however, small trees. Have you ever had to fell a large tree? Felling it is actually the easy part, believe it or not. The hard part is to get all that dead wood out of the way.

Most companies will transport them to the dump. It seems like a waste, doesn’t it? All that lovely wood is going to rot in a dump. But what is the alternative? For that matter, how would you be able to get those heavy pieces to the dump?

Once again, we have a winning solution. If the tree is diseased or insect-ridden, it is safer to get rid of it. If not, however, we will chip it for you in your garden. You get to use the chips as a mulch, and so reduce future maintenance tasks in the garden going forward.

Your ground gets a nutrient boost, benefits because it is kept at a more even temperature and the chips help to stifle weeds. It’s a win – win situation for you and us. And, it’s good for the planet at the same time because it is reducing waste.



When you need to have a tree taken down, or your backyard jungle tamed, give us a call today. We provide expert advice and sterling service at reasonable rates.