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Palm Tree Trimming and Removal Services in Brisbane

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The whole team did an amazing job removing my tree. The quote was competitive and they cleaned up afterwards!

Tina Amore

Palm Tree Trimming and Removal Services in Brisbane

Palm trees, sunshine and blue skies that go on forever. It’s like a setting from a tropical paradise. Except that in the tropical paradise, you wouldn’t have to go around palm tree trimming.  On paper, having these majestic trees in the garden seems like a good idea.

In practice, however, they can be real little divas. They can be messy, difficult to prune, and an outright hazard when it comes to paving, pools or fencing. They develop extensive root systems that can rip through just about anything in their path.

Unfortunately, the reality of having one of these trees in your yard is often not nearly as romantic as you would have thought. If you are at the end of your tether, you might want to consider using our palm tree removal service.


When You Definitely Should Have Us In

Give us a call if you:

  • Have been cracked on the head by a falling nut: Technically, palms are not sentient beings, but they seem to have superb aim, nonetheless. As an adult you land up with a sore head, but what happens if the next one cracks your toddler on the noggin?
  • Are sick of the mess: Fronds fall regularly and need to be cleared away. These little divas are used to having someone else clean up after them.
  • Are concerned about the placement of the roots: When that cute little sapling was put in, it was the ideal distance from the pool or house. But, like the plant in the Little Shop of Horrors, it keeps growing. It doesn’t actually eat people – although you haven’t seen the neighbour’s kid for a while. Now the roots are upsetting the paving of the pool area.
  • Think it is too close to the power lines: This is a no-brainer.


What Brisbane Palm Tree Removal Entails

The first question we get is, “What kind of palm tree removal cost am I looking at.” There is no set answer to that question. We need to se what we are dealing with before we can let you know for sure. It’s too easy for us to come out and give you an obligation-free quote for palm tree removal cost.


We will bring in one of our expert arborists to ensure that all the implications of removing the tree are considered upfront. When you decide to move forward with our plan, we will send an expert team to get the tree out safely and as fast as possible.

We approach each job with the same goal in mind. We want to get everything out with the minimal amount of disruption to you and little to no damage to the surrounding garden.

We’ll also help you dispose of the body as necessary. Want to have the stump taken out? Leave that up to us. The root system can be extensive, and you need the right tools to get it out of the ground and away. This is not something that you can just load up quickly on your ute.

Wait, I Just Want it Trimmed

Okay, so you love your palm tree, but it needs to be shown whose boss? Give us a call. Our expert arborists will come in see exactly what can be safely trimmed away to neaten things up without actually causing severe damage.

At Brisbane Tree Removal, we understand how to trim the tree to perfection, getting rid of old growth and creating the optimal conditions for strong new growth. Call us now and palm off your tree issues.