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Arborist Report Brisbane

There are times when you will need an official Arborist Report. This is a legal document and is drawn up after a qualified arborist has made an assessment of a tree. You cannot just choose any Brisbane arborist for this. They must have an AQF Level 5 certification to qualify as a tree arborist who can write reports.


Why Would I Need a Report Like This?

You would need one in the following cases:

  • When making a development application to your local council.
  • If you have bought a property that has a garden that might be protected as a heritage listing. You cannot just chop and change these as you like. You’ll need a pro to come in and create an inventory of what is there. This report will the be used when considering any landscaping.
  • In the case of a dispute arising in terms of vegetation or the impact, it is having. Say, for example, your neighbour’s tree was planted to close to your house and now seems to be unsteady. If it can be proven that the tree proves a real risk, it will give you an advantage in your argument.


What Laws Must be Met?

This is one of the reasons that it is important to have a professional handle tis for you. They will know exactly what Acts and Standards are going to apply in your case. These could be as diverse as the Natural Assets Law through to the Dividing Fences Act.

The reasons for these controls is not to make life more difficult, but rather to ensure that trees in urban areas still receive the attention that they deserve.


My Tree is Not Large or Old

That doesn’t matter. If the tree is important to you sentimentally, and someone wants it taken down, you are entitled to call in a climbing arborist.


What Will the Report Contain?

The report must always:

  • List the name and credentials of the writer so that its validity is easy to establish.
  • Give details about when the inspection was done in terms of time and date. And also where it was done.
  • Record the trees exact location and its dimensions.
  • Give an assessment of the structural integrity and overall health of the tree.
  • State the methods that had been used to gather the evidence.
  • Give recommendations about how to move forward – is the tree at risk of falling? What maintenance tasks need to be performed and what can be done to improve the tree’s health.


What to Do with The Report

Once the report has been completed, make a copy of it for yourself. Ten you can submit it to the other interested parties, or the government where applicable.

This is extremely interesting and helpful information as the person taking care of the tree will now understand how to manage it a lot better. They will understand more about why this tree is so special.



Do you need a tree report? Let us send out our properly qualified tech out to assess the information accurately. At Brisbane Tree Removal, we understand the need for professional reports and that you want the very best information possible.

Give us a call today and set up an appointment so that we can assess exactly where you stand with the tree in your life. We will help you by putting the real facts at your disposal. Call us now and see for yourself how good we are.