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The whole team did an amazing job removing my tree. The quote was competitive and they cleaned up afterwards!

Tina Amore

Mulching Services in Brisbane

Garden mulch is big business for plant nurseries. It’s not surprising. Our Brisbane summers are to die for. You get to spend every free minute beating the heat by the pool, or by going to the beach. Your plants, on the other hand, don’t have that kind of luxury.

That’s where mulching comes in. Unfortunately, if you have a large garden, it can become expensive. So, what if you could get free mulch? Would that be worth finding out more about?


You Might Have the Perfect Mulch Already

Do you have a tree that has seen better days? Or one that has branches in serious need of tidying up? You know that you want to do something about it, but you don’t want all those rotting branches lying around your yard.

And, how do you get those branches off the tree without bashing someone on the head anyway?


Let Us Help You

We will come in and do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s time to wish that unsightly old tree a fond farewell and put it to good use. We’ll safely cut it down for you and, if required remove the stump as well.

We will then inspect the tree for evidence of insect activity and disease. We want you to have free and disease-free mulch. If all is in order, we will chip it on site so that it will be raining mulch. Your ugly old tree goes from guzzling resources to becoming a resource itself.


Is it Really All that Good?

Think of the lushest place on earth. The chances are that the image of a thick jungle comes to mind. Keep that image in your mind and look around. Check the ground in particular. It is full of leaves, twigs and even trees in various stages of decomposition.

This is the natural order of things. Trees contain valuable nutrients within themselves. So why let those nutrients enrich the dump? Keep them at home instead.


Why Everyone Should Mulch

  • The layer of organic matter provides a barrier when it comes to water evaporation from the soil. You get to water less often without fear that you are killing your plants.
  • The soil is insulated. Here’s an experiment you can do if you are brave. Go lie out in the garden all day wearing nothing but a bikini or Speedo. Do this once at the height of summer and once during the cold of winter. Was it comfortable? Of course not. Mulch helps prevent terrible fluctuations in terms of temperature.
  • It chokes out weeds. Weeks are like any other plant – they need sunlight to grow. Anything that blocks the sun will prevent them from gaining a foothold.
  • The chips will decompose over time, thus releasing nutrients into the soil. At this stage, you can dig it in, and it will enhance the soil. It helps create soil that if fertile and loamy.
  • It can provide some protection against insects. It should be noted, however, that ants can be problematic when it comes to wood chips. If this is the case, stick to chips from eucalyptus bark.
  • It can keep the beds looking a lot neater.



There are a lot of different options when it comes to mulching. Some are better than others. The biggest advantage when it comes to organic waste is that it is inexpensive and breaks don easily. Give us a call today and turn that eyesore into something beautiful.